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Engineering mechanics dynamics

Žiaran Stanislav
publikácia vyšla v anglickom jazyku

The textbook contains the latest knowledge, information and theoretical and experimental research in relation to applied mechanics – Dynamics and is continuation of the Statics. Statics and dynamics are the foundation subjects in the branch of engineering known as engineering mechanics. Engineering mechanics is, in turn, the basis of many of the traditional fields of engineering, such as aerospace engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. In addition, engineering mechanics often plays a fundamental role in such diverse fields as medicine and biology. Applying the principles of statics and dynamics to such a wide range of applications requires reasoning and practice rather than memorization. Although the principles of statics and dynamics are relatively few, they can only be truly mastered by studying and analysing problems. Therefore, all modern textbooks, including ours, contain a large number of problems to be solved by the user. Learning the engineering approach to problem solving is one of the more valuable lessons to be learned from the study of statics and dynamics.

Dynamics studies the conditions for different types of motion of particles, systems of particles, rigid bodies and system systems of rigid bodies in 2- and 3-D including the mechanical vibration and analytical dynamics. The basic concepts of force, mass, and acceleration, of work and energy, and of impulse and momentum are introduced and first applied to problems involving only particles. Thus, users can familiarize themselves with the three basic methods used in dynamics and learn their respective advantages before facing the difficulties associated with the motion of rigid bodies.

The main objective of the first course in mechanics should be to develop in the engineering student the ability to analyse any problem in a simple and logical manner and to apply to its solution a few, well understood, basic principles. Therefore, the textbook is intended for students (users) of technical and agricultural universities and colleges, experts from praxis, and also for the wider scientific community to obtain basic theoretical knowledge of applied mechanics – Dynamics, which can be effectively used in our everyday activity.

The background textbook and articles which were used in the writing of this textbook are presented at the end of this book in Literature.

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  • Vydanie rok: 2018
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  • ISBN: 978-80-227-4770-7

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